Welcome to Career Maven!

Choose a job you love, and you will never have to  work a day in your life.  ~Confucius


Career Maven is introducing you into the complicated and interesting World of Work and opened to discuss everything that relates to it, starting from career decision making issues to the active retirement.

Nobody knows it all! However, we will try to crack open the current labour market trends through analyzing most up-to-date information resources, finding new exciting opportunities and share it with you.


To make it possible for everyone  not to work a day in their lives through finding their true career passion.


What does Maven mean?

People assume that to find an expert of any field of knowledge is difficult (unless you work for NASA). However, this statement belongs to the last century and today we have a great opportunity to share our expertise due to modern communication and information technologies, globalization and improvements in public education. So named “Mavens” are everywhere, giving us valuable advises, suggestions and recommendations no matter of being asked for it or not. It is their nature; they aren’t just passive collectors of information. The role of mavens is in propagating knowledge and preferences in various domains, from politics to social trends.

 To find and adopt truly loyal to truth and altruistic of all mavens’ information pertaining to our career life  is the main goal of this web-site. We are going to provide you with the real  career experts’ advices and expertise.  We are going to explore and cover different topics of our career life, thus step by step opening all “black boxes” and improving our chances for success whatever it means for anybody! Join us on this journey!


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